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A Brief School Report 1985 - 2010

25 glorious years have passed since C.S.V was founded way back in 1985. It is the first English medium school which has its roots strongly embedded in the Indian culture and tradition.

Under a lot of skepticism and criticism, the school has emerged stronger and offers hope to students from all sections of society. The school works on a slightly different pattern by giving due importance to cultural, sports and co-curricular activities along with academics.

On 24th June 1985 the School started with a humble strength of 180 students, 6 sections and a staff of 7 teachers. It now has a strength of 2124 students and 110 teachers i.e. the teacher : student ratio is 1:20.


Over the past 25 years, the school has meticulously maintained high academic standards. Compulsory scholarship examinations for std 4th and 7th have brought about a qualitative change. The excellent teaching staff puts in every effort to produce meritorious students.

SSC Board :- Ms. Noopur Kalgaonkar, Ms. Tanvi Kulkarni, Mst. Devendra Bendkhale

HSC Board:- Mst. Chinmay Kalghatgi.

Scholarship Exam Std - IV :- Shivraj Patil, Soham Joshi

Scholarship Exam Std - VII :- Ms. Devendra Bendkale, Ms. Shivraj Patil

Students are given coaching for the following Exam-Maths Scholarship, Dr. Homi Bhaba Balvaigyanic Competition, Terraquiz, NTS, MTS. Hindi, Sanskrit, Science foundation, NCC, Drawing Grade, State Scholarship 4th, 7th and many local competitive exams.

Approximately 98% of the students appearing for the SSC exam since 1992 have passed and most of them with distinction.


Education is a medium which not only develops the mental capacity of a child but also its physical capacity. This fact which is overlooked by most of the schools today was realized by Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj & so he started the Chhatrapati Shahu Vidyalaya with this outlook. Today the name of this school is synonymous with excellence in sports, especially football.

The school has produced many well-known sports personalities who have proved their mettle in various sports at district, state, national and international levels.

To name a few –Abhijeet Ingawale-Football [School India Camp], Amol Sarnaik-Football [School India Camp], Vijendra Pawar-Football [School India Captain], Shailesh Bhosale-Cricket [Ranji], Sangram Atitkar-Cricket [Ranji], Vinit Indulkar-Cricket [Ranji], Madhurika Ghatge-Swimming [Bronze in National Games], Mansi Shelke-Swimming [Silver Medal in Asian Pacific Competition], Pallavi Shah-Chess [India Open Ladies Team] Ranked 3rd in India], Aishwarya Jadhav-Lawn Tennis [Gold at School Nationals], Chittesh Mandody-Go-Carting [International Competition], Dhruv Mohite-Go-Carting [International Competition], Priti Ingale-Skating [International Level], Vikrant Desai-Skating [International Level]

60 students have represented Maharashtra in various sports and games.

Hobby Classes

Hobby classes have also been conducted all these years. A number of skills are imparted, some being-embroidery, painting, paper folding, flower making, pot painting, singing, dance and horse riding.


The School celebrates festivals, anniversaries and different days.

Ganpati Installation

Every year the privilege goes to std IX and it's a joy to see the way students of all religions come together and celebrate this function. A Satya Narayan Pooja is performed entirely by the students.

Dahi Handi

Amidst great fanfare the students enjoy breaking the Dahi-Handi.


It is celebrated with attendance at the historical Dasara Chowk. Navratri, Diwali, Christmas & Rang Panchami are also celebrated with great enthusiasm revelry.

The tradition continues every year giving the students insight into the Indian culture with hands-on-experience.

1. Inter House Competitions :-- They are held to train students in various artful skills like Flower Arrangement, Vegetable Decoration, Rangoli, Mehendi and Fruit Carving.


This interschool event which was started in 1992-93 is still enjoying immense popularity throughout Maharashtra. The school believes in providing a platform for students from different cities to showcase their talents.

A crowd of nearly 6 to 7000 people throngs to watch this magnificent event.

Schools from Pune, Belgaum, Gokak, Panhala, Sangli participate and enjoy 2 days of festivities particularly popular are the Personality, Dance & Singing competitions.



A unique opportunity has been accorded to girls from the School. A parallel unit working on the lines of the NCC has been formed called Tara Commando Force. The girls also get a chance to learn Horse Riding, Parasailing, Trekking, Zoomering, River Rafting. They travel annually to the Himalayas for the above activities.


Teachers and students get a chance to attend workshops conducted by experts in the field of education, art, drama, personality development, career and vocational guidance, sex education etc.


One more unique feature of the school is the Special Awards

which are given to students to motivate and encourage them. Students yearn to be the proud recipients of these coveted awards.

The Shahaji Chhatrapati Award :- Consisting of Rs.5000/- in cash is given to a student for General Proficiency in Academic, Extra-Curricular and Co-curricular activities of the school.

The Rajaram Chhatrapati Award :- Consisting of Rs.4000/- is given to a student for outstanding Academic performances.

The Punyasheel Rajmata Pramilaraje Chhatrapati Award :- Consisting of Rs.4000/- is given for outstanding Cultural Activities.

The Shahu Chhatrapati Award :- Consisting of Rs.4000/- is given for outstanding Sports Activity.


The school is fortunate to have had many distinguished dignitaries as Guests for various celebrations and functions.
Apart from members of the Chhatrapati Family of Kolhapur i.e.-Late Rajmata Pramilaraje Chhatrapati Maharanisaheb, Shahu Chhatrapati Maharaj, Yadnaseniraje Chhatrapati Maharanisaheb, Sambhajiraje, Sanyogeetaraje, Malojiraje and Madhureemaraje, we have had Late Raje Rajaramsinghrao Bhonsle, Late Shaliniraje Bhonsle, Sou. Kalpanaraje Bhonsle, from the Royal Family of Nagpur.

Other distinguished guests and dignitaries being Gen. J J Singh, Former Chief of Army Staff and present Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, Lt. Gen. SPP Thorat and Dr. Mrs. Leela Thorat, Dr. Yashwant Thorat, Shri Bhagwantrao More, Additional Inspector General of Police, Honourable Dr. Adrian Mayer and Mrs. Kaia Mayer, Dr. K.B.Pawar, Prof. Dr. Jaysingrao Pawar, Shri Bhausaheb Nimbalkar etc.

Many a times distinguished Committee Members, Parents, Doctors, Engineers, Educationists, Experts and Professionals were also our guests for various programmes and activities.

CSV has not only turned out students who are excelling in fields like the defense forces, medical, law, engineering, politics and sports and so on, but also trained and helped many teachers to become Principals of different schools in Kolhapur. They are-Archana Ghorpade-Shantiniketan, Uma Kole and Anuja Vankudre-Radhabai Shinde, Shailaja Karnekar-Eklavya Public School, Shubhangi Pawar-Kolhapur Public School, Urvashi Bhende-St. Xaviers HighSchool Nagpur, Sangeeta Jamdar-Public School –Nigeria, Urmila Shinde-Mahaveer English Medium School, Ganesh Bate-G.G. Jadhav High School, Kerli.

The school is like a second home not only to students but also to all the staff members. Over the years the bonding has become stronger. The sincerity, dedication, expertise and compassion of all the staff members has helped the school create its own unique niche in the hearts of the students and parents. Sincere thanks to all the staff members and the other staff for their unflinching support.

The Royal family members Maharani Yadnaseniraje, Sambhajiraje, Sanyogeetaraje, Malojiraje, and Madhureemaraje have always been the pillars of strength for us. Their interest in the functioning of the school is indeed praiseworthy. The review of the last 25 years will not be complete without special thanks to and mention of Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj for his invaluable and timely guidance. His gentle ways and pleasant demeanour are exemplary. He mixes with children, youth and the old with equal ease. Thanks to his Generosity, the Silver Jubilee Celebration this year is going to be a truly memorable one.

Mrs. Rajshree Patil

© Copyright Chhatrapati Shahu Vidyalaya 2010.