Glimpses Of Past


The entire objective of true education is to make people, not merely do the right things but to enjoy them, not merely industrious but to love industry, not merely learned but to love knowledge, not merely pure but to love purity, not merely just but to be hungry and thirsty for justice.

These ideals were the prologue to start Chhatrapati Shahu Vidyalaya named after Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj the philanthropist who in his days took great efforts to impart education to the masses without sacrificing quality spirituality and Indian culture.

It gives me immense pride and pleasure to stand here and enlighten you about the history of this educational institution started 29 years ago on this day in the loving memory of the great Lokraja Chhatrapti Shahu Maharaj. The school was formarly & ceremoniously declared open by Shri. K. Bhogishayan vice chancellor S.U. under the presidentship of shri. D.M. Redekar, Mayor of Kop. Muni. Corp.

But not before Shrimant Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj studied closely and judiciously the working of some English medium schools and noticed that the students these schools produced were to a great extent alienated from their own native culture, thereby resulting in a lopsided development of personality, he realized that a corrective to this was necessary by giving Marathi a proper place in the process of education & retaining at the same time English as the medium of instruction. Prompted by these ideas he decided to take an initiative to set up this school under the auspices of Rajaram Chhatrapti memorial education trust.  His benevolent efforts were eulogized by educanists like. Dr. Radhakrishnan head of mathematics dept. Shivaji University, Dr. S.K. Desai head of English dept. Shivaji University, Dr. G.M. Powar head of Marathi dept Shivaji University and all the people of Kolhapur for under taking this ambitious step to start this school with the following objectives:

1)  To impart education in English without ignoring the importance & relevance of Marathi.

2)  To make education activity oriented rather than memory oriented through practical training and situational teaching.

3)  To adopt a method which gives more importance to the learning process rather than teaching process?

4)  To not only maintain high academic standards but also to promote excellence in sports, co-curricular & extracurricular activities.

5)  To deepen the awareness of Indian heritage & culture & finally to create by imparting value education responsible sensitive citizen with an enlightened sense of social justice and equality.

We also instill the Ideal of selfless service towards humanity and develop a spirit of secular outlook and last but not the least is- to inspire love and loyalty for the country and above all enlighten their sense of social justice and equality.

The school started with a humble strength of 180 students, 6sections & a staff of 7teachers. The Present strength of 1530 studets, 30 sections and a staff of 66 teachers stands testimony to its success as a distinguished centre of learning. It was Maharaja’s vision that made him introduce computer teaching when the other school had not even thought about it.

Education is a medium which not only develops the mental capacity of a child but also its physical capacity. At CSV, this fact is given due importance the school has produced many well known sports personalities who have proved their mettle in various sports at the district state, national & international level.

Giving equal importance to the enhancement of the creativeness in a child hobby classes are conducted which impart a number of skills such as painting, singing, dance, paper folding etc. To build a competitive spirit among students interhouse competition are organized in various artful skills like Mehendi, fruit carving, Rangoli, Vegetable decoration, flower arrangement etc.

Shrimant Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj’s one more valuable contribution to the school is the raising of an independent unit for girls in the line of NCC, known as Tara Commando Force named after the great Ranragini Maharani Tararani. This unit was raised in 1998 and Maharaj took an initiative to form the proper infrastructure for the training and equipment of the same.

Shrimant Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj is so much concerned and aware about the significance of the overall development of the students of CSV that he believes in giving them an opportunity to prove themselves by competing with students of other schools. This humane attitude saw the birth of carnival an interschool event started in 1992-93 which has evolved into a mega event of Kolhapur. It provides a platform for students from different cities to showcase their talent which has helped our students to mould his/her personality in a positive manner, thus producing many students who are excelling in fields like the Defence Forces, Medical, Law, Engineering, Politics and Sports.

Maharaj earnestly feels that students should be motivated and encouraged to give their best in Academics and Sports. Hence, special awards are instituted like the Shahaji Chhatrapati Award of Rs. 7000/- for general proficiency in academics, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities in school, Rajaram Chhatrapati Award of Rs. 6000/- for outstanding academic performance, Punyasheel Rajmata Pramilaraje Chh. Award of Rs.6000/- for outstanding cultural activities and Shahu Chh. Award of Rs. 6000/- for outstanding sports activities.

Maharaja’s prudence has proved to be a blessing not only for the students, but to some of the teachers who now hold posts of administrators and principles in different schools in the city. The school has been a training ground for them. Maharaja’s skillful of handling people and the institution is emulated by our Principal Madam, Mrs. Rajashri Patil and cognizance of the same was taken by Venkateshwara Prakashan and she was awarded the ‘Saksham Adhikari’ Award in the year 2013.

To face a digital and a fast track world, we need to equip ourselves with new skills and transform ourselves. A conducive transformation beneficial, not only to the individual, but also to the nation and eventually the world.

With these pragmatic sentiments in mind, Maharaj spanned the wings of CSV and decided to take up new challenges and ventures in the form of a junior college Science faculty and a section affiliated to the Central Board of Central Education, Delhi. These were established in 2004 and 2011 resp.

The Jr. College enrolled just 24 students, the year it was established and now baosts of nearly 150. Along with the mandatory subjects, the college offers subjects like Comp. Sci., Electronics and Information Technology. Students taking admission here notice the difference in the atmosphere in this educational institution which provides them the opportunity to demonstrate their talents on and off-stage. Thus, they pass out more confidently to face their future challenges.

Realizing the dearth of rooms for the CBSE section, a magnificent four-storey building with all amenities was immediately constructed. It now has strength of 823 students, 21 sections and 43 teachers. Under the able direction and guidance of Maharaj, this section too, is doing very well in academics as well as sports.

I would like to end my expatiate by dedicating this quote of Albert Einstein to our loving, caring and beloved Shahu Maharaj who, by his deeds, has proved what Einstein expected of human-beings.


Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.