School Calender 2022-2023


School Calendar of Events 2022-2023



Date                      Day                               Events


APRIL 2022


1st                        Fri                       Re-opening of the school. Book distribution class wise.                             

                                                         Distribution of Time table


2nd                      Sat                       Gudi Padwaa – Holiday



13th                     Wed                     Farewell Dinner of std.10th



MAY 2022


2nd                      Mon                      Drawing & Poster Making competition


4th                       Wed                     Marathi Essay Writing Competition (3rd to 10th)


6th                       Fri                        Last day of School. Summer vacation begins.



June 2022


6th                       Mon                     School Reopens. Regular School.


11th                     Sat                       Appointing of Prefects. Handwriting competition.

                                                         Appointing of class monitors. Selection of NCC Army.


21st                       Tue                     International Yoga Day


24th                      Fri                      School Foundation Day


26th                     Sun                     Celebration of Shahu Jayanti at Bhawani Mandap. 



JULY 2022


1st                        Fri                        Interhouse chess competitions begin.


2nd                      Sat                        Time-Table competition.


9th                       Sat                        English Essay competition. Prefects meeting.


13th                    Wed                       Guru Pournima. Interhouse Basket ball matches.


10th                    Sat                        Hindi essay competition.


25th       to           Mon                   

                                                          I-II Unit test.

29th                     Fri



AUG 2022


6th                         Sat                          English poem recitation competition (Std. 1st to 7th)

                                                             Quilling, Mehendi Competition (Std. 8th to 10th)


13th                       Sat                          Class Results


16th            to        Tue                         Class visits


26th                       Fri                          Computer Exhibition


27th                       Sat                        Story Telling Comp.(Std.1st to5th)


29th                       Mon                      Speech Comp. (Std.6th to 10th)


                                                            English speeches of prominent personalities


31st                       Wed                      Ganesh Chaturthi. Installation of the Lord Ganesh.



SEPT 2022


1st                        Thu                      Debate, Arati Comp.(Std.I to IV)


2nd                      Fri                        Quiz, Rangoli Competition (Std.8 10),

                                                          Sci. Elocution (Std.5 to 7)


3rd                       Sat                       Gouri Pujan.


5th                       Mon                     Teachers Day celebration. Group Dance & Group Singing competition.


7th                       Wed                     Spelling Bee Competition

9th                       Fri                        Anant Chaturdashi.


12th       to           Mon                     Class Picnics.

24th                     Sat   


14th                     Wed                     Hindi Day


17th                     Sat                       Completion of portion. Correction of notebooks & revision.



23rd       to          Fri                        Ist Term Exam

4th Oct               Thu


26th                    Mon                     Ghatasthapna



OCT 2022


19th                     Wed                     Result Day of Ist Term Exam.



20th       to           Thu                      Diwali Holidays.

31st                      Sun


NOV 2022


1st                        Tue                      School reopens.



2nd                      Wed                     Sports Practice.


12th                     Sat                       Sports Heats begin.



18th                     Fri                        Sports Day SSC



19th                     Sat                       Sports Day CBSE



21st                      Mon                     Selection of students for Gathering & Carnival.



DEC 2022


10th                     Sat                       Carnival

& 11th                 Sun



14th        to         Wed

20th                     Tue                      Std 10th Seen Prelims


23rd                     Fri                        Annual Cultural Gathering CBSE



24th                     Sat                       Annual Cultural Gathering SSC



25th       to           Sun                      Winter Vacation

1st Jan


Jan 2023


2nd                      Mon                     School Reopens



7th                       Sat                       Chh. Shahu Maharaja's Birthday Celebration.




16th       to           Mon                     2nd Unseen prelim

25th                     Wed


26th                     Thu                      Republic Day celebration.



27th                     Fri                        2nd & 3rd Unit test

1st Feb   to         Wed 


FEB 2023


4th                       Sat                       TCF Day



6th                       Mon                     Student Elections



6th         to          Sat                       Completion of all journal etc.





11th                     Sat                       Passing out Parade



13th                     Mon                     Practise practical exams.



15th                     Wed                     Result



20th                     Mon                     Study holidays for Std.X begins



27th                     Mon                     Marathi Day



28th       to           Tue                      Final Exam for Std.I to IX



11th Mar              Sat   






MAR 2023


6th                       Mon                     Morning School starts.



25th                     Sat                       Results




april 2023


1st                        Sat                       New Academic Year begins.