NCC Information


“If your action inspire others to dream more, you are a leader……..”

            The NCC has shaped the lives of millions of people of our nation. For over three decades we are proudly running a NCC unit of 50 cadets successfully of 5 MAH BN NCC, Kolhapur. The aim behind it is to prepare the cadets into disciplined and patriotic citizen, leadership skills and enhance their qualities. We uphold the motto of NCC i.e unity and discipline in true spirit and sense.

            The selection of cadets is conducted by P.I staff and Officers of 5 MAH BN NCC on the basis of their physical and intellectual standards. After enrolment the selected cadets are trained for drill, physical training, rifle shooting, Map reading and more emphasis is given on grooming their skills. After two years of rigorous training cadets have to go through ‘A’ Certificate exam in which portion of NCC and Drill and practical exam is conducted.

            Our cadets also participate in various Centrally organised Camps like ThalSena Camp, EBSB (Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat) Camp, J.V Malvankar rifle Shooting Championship, Adventure Camp, Mounteneering Camp etc and Annual Training Camp which is compulsory to attend by every II year cadet.

            Along with the camps, our school also takes keen interest to organise visits to different Army Training Centres and Units. Our cadets had visited IMA (Indian Military Academy, Dehradun), NDA(National Defence Academy, Pune)Wagha Border and many more.

            Apart from drill and training, NCC also conducts various rallies to bring social awareness in the society. All these activities collectively help our cadets to give better performances wherever they go. This activities act as a catalyst to shape them into disciplined individuals and open doors to career options in the Armed Forces.


            All this is only possible due to the strong support of our Chairperson Dr.Shahuji Chhatrapati Maharaja and able guidance of our beloved Director Mrs Rajshree Patil and Principal Mrs Padma Mungarwadi and hardworking officer ANO (Associate NCC officer) T/O Dananjay S Urunkar and Caretaker Officer Mrs Monali Patil and instructors of 5 MAH BN NCC,Kolhapur.